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Our Story

My Name is Vincent Marlowe, AKA Vince, I am a pit master after many trials and tribulations. I am a seasoned Chef for over 30 years. We started this venture on the side of the road selling our smoked meats on the weekend and now have gotten our dream of having a Brick and Mortar location. I am very excited to offer two of my favorite foods under one roof, BBQ, & Pizza. Our sides are unique, and have a chef flare. Thank you for letting Marlowe's Serve you in The North Port Location.

          -Vince Marlowe

There's nothing like the feeling of being able to feed someone something your proud of. After 40 years of working in Country clubs, mom and pop shops, hospitals, and assisted living, I have found that even on your worst day if you keep your standards in check you can still end your day with your head up. My choices and dedication have cost loved ones sacrifices yes, but when you do something do it right, do it because you said you would. If you cant be there, make them proud of you. Find good people to work with and they will make your work your passion. I have found mine!

          -Shaun Donahue

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